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Its very refreshing when chilled on a hot summer day.



The Caption says it all, but here it is,


1. 5 Limes ( keep aside 4 round slices, because it looks good in the drink)

2. 5 pods of cardamom

3. 5-9 leaves of Mint(minced)

4. 6 cups of water

5. 5 tsp of sugar ( depends on your taste, more sweet more sugar!)

6. crushed ice ( bled the ice not till it turn to water! just two bursts so its crushed)


  1. Squeeze out the limes ( to get more juice out of the lime soak the limes an hour before in a bowl of water),
  2. Add sugar, and break the pods of cardamom (knock the tip on the surface, so it opens up) and the mint leaves
  3. Add water, mix well until the sugar dissolves, add crushed ice on top, put it in the freezer (take out in 20min before it freezes)  if you want it cooled faster, if you have time put in the refrigerator.

Done! Now sit back and enjoy your hot summer day.