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This is a a specialty of one of the places in India, Hyderabad.  My mother made this when I was young, brings back old memories, ( well not so old.. coz I am still young..:P)

This dessert has a strong flavor of cardamom and whipped cream.

Servings: 3

Time: 15 mins

Double ka Meeta

Double ka Meeta


1. 3 slices White bread

2. 4 tbsp Butter

3. Oil / Ghee(clarified butter) (I prefer using Oil, healthier than clarified butter, but clarified butter gives a better taste)

4. 5 pods of cardomom

6. 1 tbsp sugar

7. Whipped cream(table cream)/ Milk heated on low flame until it thickens a little)

8. Cashew/Blanched Almonds/Dates/Raisins ( all or any)


  1. Heat 1 cup of water add cardamom and sugar. Heat it until all the sugar dissolves and the water has some flavor.
  2. Cut the bread diagonally and cut the crust (optional).
  3. Dry the bread for sometime, or heat it on a dry pan until it has lost some moisture.
  4. Deep fry the bread pieces in oil or in clarified butter until they are golden brown.
  5. Meanwhile if you decided you are not going to use the table cream, then, heat 2 cups of milk (not skim) in a bowl on low flame, keep stirring so it doesn’t burn the bottom. Let the water evaporate as much as possible.
  6. Now soak the bread in the flavored water for about 5 minutes.
  7. Take a small pan add some clarified butter and fry the cashews, almonds, raisins and dates ( all or any). Turn it off once they start to turn brown.
  8. Remove the bread from water, take a flat bottom bowl lay out half the number of bread pices and layer it on top with the fried dry fruits and lay out the rest of the bread pices on top and layer again with the rest of the dry fruits.
  9. Turn off the milk, you should have traces of thickened milk floating, if you are using the table cream just pour the cream on top the layers, if not pour the thickened milk on top of the layers, let it soak in.

Now enjoy hot or cold.