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There is this awesome Indian restaurant in Chicago called ‘Veerasway’. Its by an american, so all the first time Indian food trying people this is the place to start. Its not very typical Indian, but some dishes are and the others are all indo-american. But they are good and tasty, so I had this appetizer called  the ‘Bhindi-Chaat fry’ there it was really tasty and different, so here it is my version of that appetizer. Turned out somewhat similar.

Serving: 3

Time: 30 min




1. 20 okras

2. 3 tsp  chat masala ( can find in any indian/ international store)

3. 1 red onion

4. cilantro

5. 1 tsp paprika

6. 1 tsp turmeric powder

7. lime (optional)


Wash the okra an lay it out on paper napkins to dry( if it is wet the okra turns out gooey)

Cut the okra length wise in to thin strips.

add chat masala, salt, chilli powder/paprika, turmeric powder and mix the okra well , leave it aside.

heat a flat bottom pan with 2 tbsp oil ( here you can deep fry the okra and then saute it or if you are lazy like me just add a 2 tbsp oil and fry in the pan )

spread the oil, and after the oil is hot spread the okra on the oil, let it fry for a while until you feel the okra is fried ( if necessary sprinkle chat masala on top )

now turn off the heat. cut the onions in to strips and chop the cilantro and add it to the fried okra.

sprinkle some lime juice on top (optional)