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Serving: 4

Time: 45 mins


Cumin Rice:

1. 2 cups of Basmathi Rice/ Long grain

2. 2 tsp cumin

3. chopped cilantro

4. 2 bay leaves

5. 1 Onion

6. 4 cloves

7. Veggies (Carrot and Peas – Optional)

8. Fried Onions

9. oil and salt

Cumin Rice

Steps/ Directions:

1. Soak the rice in water (rice:water should be 1:2) for up to 10 mins.

2. Cook Rice (if using microwave – 20mins.)

3. After the rice is done, leave it open to cool down (if used hot will become mushy)

3. Heat oil on a pan

4. Add chopped onion

5. After the onion turns pink, add Bay leaf

6. After about a minute add Cumin seeds

7. Do not burn Cumin, it tends to burn very quickly if you think it is burning (starts splattering) then turn down the heat

8.  Add the veggies and saute

9.  Add finely chopped cilantro

10. Add Salt

11. Turn off the heat , Add rice to the pan and mix well (be careful not to mix too much because the rice grains might break and then it will just be too sticky)

12. Place lid on the pan leave it on low heat for 5 mins

13. Add fried onions to garnish