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In a little quaint town in Galena we had the best Banana bread french toast at a restaurant called Otto’s place . I tried the same at home so I can have my fill whenever I want..:P

Cooking Time: 10 mins (excluding the time to make the bread)

Servings: 2 (1 loaf with 6 pieces)




1. Banana Bread (store bought / home made)

2. 1 Egg

3. 1 Cup milk

4. 1 tsp Granulated sugar

5. 1 tbsp Oil

6. Maple syrup


Step 1: Add Milk, egg, sugar in a wide bowl and whisk until the sugar is dissolved and all three are mixed well.

Step 2: Heat the pan with oil

Step 3: Dip the banana bread slice  in the Milk/egg mixture such that both the sides  have a coating

Step 4: Fry/Cook the dipped slice on the heated pan until its golden brown on both sides (flip once)

Step 5: Serve with Maple syrup

French Toast (Shanks2Sorbets.com)