Khoya (Mawa) – 1 cup (I used homemade – Just boiled/hardened milk for 4-5 hrs)
Milk (Condensed/Evaporated) – 2 cup (adjust as needed)
Maida(All purpose flour) – 2 cup

Sugar – 2 cup
Water – 1 to 2 cup
Ghee – to deep fry
Cardamom powder – 1/4tsp (Optional)
1. Mix/beat Khoya and Milk or you can blend the same in the mixi to get a smooth batter.
2. Add Maida little by little, then, add milk alternatively, so that no lumps are formed. Make a very smooth batter and the consistency should be like dosa batter or cake batter. Thick but flowing.
3. Let the batter rest for 3-4hours.
4. Make Sugar syrup by boiling sugar with water until the syrup is sticky. Add cardamom powder to the same(Optional).
5. Simultaneously with the 4th step, keep the Ghee in Deep frying pan on gas for deep fry. Pour a drop of the batter in the hot ghee, when the drop raises immediately, it is in the right heat.
6. Pour one ladle of batter into the ghee (so that small round shape is formed with around 5cm diameter) pancakes. Fry upside down (You can use two long spoons to turn the pancake upside down and also to squeeze out the ghee). Fry until sides are browned and the middle is fluffy and pale yellow color.
7. After frying the pancakes, dip the same in the sugar syrup for 2mins and drain it in a strainer. Let the syrup fall down into another vessel. Leave the Sugar coated pancakes in the strainer for sometime, until the pancake has absorbed all the syrup.
8. Keep the same in fridge for atleast 1 hour to taste Yuuummmmm!!!!!!!!

Yummy Pancakes ready!! 🙂