Quick Tips

Notes on Odds & Ends

1. How to make Ginger Garlic paste?

Use equal amount Ginger and garlic (approximate), Peel the garlic pods and the ginger and blend them together small portions at a time in the blender. DO NOT add water. Add Salt for preservation.

Store the paste in a glass container(avoid using plastic or metal containers)

Refrigerate – will last for more than a month.

Also not the paste may turn green after a few days but its not gone bad yet.

2. How to remove strong odor after cooking?

Quick and easy method is to keep 2 cups of water with a handful of cinnamon sticks on high flame for a few minutes until the water is vaporised. Soon you will have a mild cinnamon fragrance in place of strong smell (specially fish /garlic)

3. How to remove stubborn stains from vessels? (Courtesy: Shravya Shetty)

If there are stubborn stains on the vessel, apply baking soda/powder on the stain and leave for 2-3hrs, and then wash normally.


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